A Holiday Wish from LifeSafer

Holiday drunk driving crashesTwas the night before Christmas, and all through the streets
All the restaurants were taking in record receipts.
They served up their wine, and they served up their beer,
And the beer filled their patrons with plenty of cheer.

RevelersAnd in every house, and apartment and condo
From the coast of New York to the beach at Redondo
The tumblers were filling with vodka and whiskey
Which sometimes can lead to behavior that’s risky.
In fact, there were some who were in such a state
That their BAC1 registered more than 08!

People were eating, and toasting, and drinking
And then they did what? Can you guess what we’re thinking?

No, they didn’t drive home – it was never a choice.
They were much, much too smart, which is why we rejoice.
A few called a comrade to ask for a ride
Which was our idea, we can say with some pride.

Taxi rank lineupAnd some called a taxi, and paid the fare gladly,
To make sure the evening did not turn out badly.

And some took an Uber, and some took a Lyft,
There were so many working the holiday shift!

A few took a bus, and some more used their feet,
And the rest stayed the night in the guest bedroom suite.

So it all ended well – they behaved as suggested,
And no one that night was detained or arrested.
And the cars didn’t crash, and no fenders were bent,
No drivers that night had a cause to repent.
And no sirens were heard, and no wreckage was towed
For we all went home safely – none died on the road.

And that is how holidays really should end.
And maybe this year it will happen, my friend.
For it’s all up to you, because you know the score
We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it once more:

On this holiday eve, here’s a tip for surviving
If you drink, just make sure that you don’t do the driving.
There’s much to enjoy if you get one thing right:
Let the sober ones drive. And to all a good night.

— From all of us at LifeSafer


1A measure of alcohol found in your veins.
It’s zero in drivers, at least ones with brains.