One in Three Drunk Drivers is a Repeat DUI/DWI Offender

One in Three Drunk Drivers is a Repeat DUI/DWI OffenderDrunk driving is a serious crime that can affect lives of both the driver and any innocent victims on the road. As states continue to toughen laws and consequences for those who choose to drive under the influence of alcohol, many people feel that not enough is being done to stop repeat offenders.

One-third of all DUI/DWI convictions are attributed to repeat offenders. Other statistics show that a person who is convicted of a drunken driving offense has driven drunk at least 80 other times, showing that not only are drunk drivers irresponsible, but, most are habitual. Increasing penalties, fines and costs associated with these convictions can act as deterrents for drunk drivers, and for those who continually make the choice to drive drunk, taking away the choice to drive drunk can be the most effective way to eliminate drunk driving fatalities.