Summer Driving Tips for Your Next Road Trip

Summer Driving Tips for Your Next Road TripWho doesn’t have memories of a road trip during summer vacation? There’s just something about being able to cruise down an endless highway, stopping in places you’ve never been, and seeing the sights along the way. But road trips can also mean break downs or potential crashes, so before you head out onto the highways and back roads this year, be sure to take note of these summer driving tips.

In order to get the most out of your road trip, your vehicle needs to be in tiptop shape. Before setting out, be sure to have a reputable mechanic check and rotate your tires, change your oil, check your fluid levels, adjust your hoses and belts, and ensure your A/C is in good working order. There’s nothing worse than sitting in sweltering traffic without A/C.

When traveling with children it’s important to always have them secured in proper car seats. The NHTSA has recommendations for child safety seats, and you can make an appointment for them to perform an inspection on both your car seat and the way it’s installed in your vehicle before your road trip.

One extra word of caution – traveling during the summer months means temperatures can reach 90 and above outside your windows, so be extra cautious when your vehicle is stopped. Leaving your children or pets in your car, even for 10 minutes or less, can be lethal when the temps outside are soaring.