Summer Kicks Off 100 Deadly Days For Teen Drivers

teen driversHanding over the car keys to your teen can bring about a range of emotion. Although there’s a certain freedom parents will feel when their teen takes on driving duties, there can also be a lot of apprehension and maybe a little fear as parents will worry about teen safety when out on the roads. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the National Safety Council, when it comes to summer, parents have good reason to worry about their teen drivers – Memorial Day has kicked off the ‘100 deadliest days’ for teen drivers.

Car crashes are the leading cause of death for teens in the USA. The National Safety Council published data that shows beginning on Memorial Day 2012 and continuing to Labor Day of that year there were more than 1000 people killed in teen-related crashes, and more than 550 of those killed were teens themselves.

The National Safety Council lists possible reasons for the summer increase in teen crashes:

  • The summer driving season is a busy one, with people out for family road trips and heading out for recreational activities. More drivers on the road equals more risk for teens.
  • Crash risk goes up at nighttime when there is an increased risk of drinking drivers on the road. Teens will be on the roads at night during the summer when they don’t have school the next day.
  • Teens may have passengers with them, which is a distraction. It’s 44% more likely the teen will have a crash if they have passengers.

Beyond just the summer time, teens also have a higher likelihood of texting while driving. Of those teens killed in crashes every year, a significant percentage can be attributed to teen texting, talking on cell phones, or other distractions.

The 100 deadliest days for teen drivers has already begun. Take this opportunity to educate your teen on the specific dangers of summer driving.