Tips for driving in the rain

Tips for driving in the rainFor many States, especially the Pacific Northwest, winter means day after day of pounding rain. Wet weather comes with its own set of precautions, so before the rainy season really sets in, take time to brush up with tips for driving in the rain.

The first rule of thumb for driving in the rain is to slow down! Wet roads can be extremely hazardous because of excess water, making it easier to skid and slide when trying to stop. Other tips for driving in the rain include:

  • Stick to the middle lane of the roads. Water from rain will pool in the outside lanes.
  • Avoid driving too close to other cars and ease up on the accelerator so you don’t need to slam on your brakes. If you stick to the 3 second rule, where the car ahead of you is at least 3 seconds distance away, you’ll have more time to stop.
  • Turn your headlights on for increased visibility.
  • If the rain is coming down and it’s difficult to see ahead of you, follow in the tracks of the car in front of you.
  • When driving through large puddles, go slow or find another way around the puddle. If you drive through water that is too deep, you can affect your car’s components.
  • If you’re driving through a thunderstorm and are having a hard time seeing ahead of you, pull over somewhere safe and wait out the storm.
  • Try to avoid splashing pedestrians on the sidewalks

Even for the most experienced driver, rain can be almost as hazardous as driving in the snow. By following these tips for driving in the rain, both you and those driving with you will stay safe during the rainy season.